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Our Coastal Hamptons Renovation is jam-packed with Hamptons design features, the character of an old mining town and artwork with a special connection to our clients. Join us on a deep dive into the intricacies of our project, from overall design features right down to the finest of details.

Recently, we transformed David and Lisa’s charming miner’s cottage into a Coastal Hampton’s dream home. The full house renovation boasts an abundance of features including four bedrooms, an open plan living, kitchen and dining area, butler’s pantry, indoor-outdoor kitchen and deck, laundry, car port, custom sheds, pergolas, a pool house cabana, and staircases. Our clients wanted to achieve a Coastal Hampton’s look, that still exuded the character of the original home. So, we worked with the original floorboards of the cottage, and extended the house; adding a raked ceiling and Velux Skylights to fill every room with natural light. The VJ panelled walls give the home a Hampton’s touch, while modern features like the timber feature wall and encaustic look tiles give the home contemporary flair. We even installed a pet door for our clients’ five beloved pets. The result is a truly unique and stunning home that rings true to the character of Bulli, a historic coal mining village turned beachside paradise.


Let’s take a look at our Coastal Hamptons Renovation section-by-section. You can use the buttons below for quick navigation of this blog post.


First up, we have our exterior façade. In true Hamptons style, the exterior façade consists of Woodhouse Rusticated Weatherboard, gable roof with custom timber panelling, and timber fretwork featuring the iconic Hamptons cross, painted in Dulux snowy mountains half paint.


The landscaping has been cleverly done to provide some privacy through a front hedge, and paver tiles around each side of the house for ease of access to the home.

The entryway stairs add a modern element through the sandstone tiles and tech-savvy entry door.

All in all, the exterior façade remains true to an iconic Hamptons style with some minor contemporary details that make for a unique home.

Open Plan Living and Dining Area

Moving inside, we have the open plan living and dining area. There’s a lot to cover here! Let’s start with the raked ceilings with exposed rafters. Not only does this design element enhance the Hamptons style of the home, but it provides additional ceiling height and opens the space. The triangular windows and Velux skylights complement the raked ceiling, filling the home with natural light, making for a bright and airy central living area.

In the living area, we custom designed and built a timber feature wall with LED strip lighting using Porta Endure Blackbutt cladding. The feature wall adds a contemporary touch to the home and makes for a truly unique take on the Coastal Hamptons style.

We also worked with the original floorboards of the house to keep the essence of an old miner’s cottage alive within this Coastal Hamptons-Contemporary fusion. We repurposed the existing Cypress floorboards in the extension areas and carefully attended to any existing floorboards in need of repair to achieve a cohesive look for the floors.

While we built the house, it’s not a home without the personal touches of our clients. Just in the open plan living and dining area alone, we can see a knitted throw, hand made by Lisa, a wooden dining table cleverly crafted by David, and artworks painted by the David’s father scattered across the walls.

We want to focus on the artworks here. They were painted by David’s father, Keith. Keith had a great passion for painting from a young age. He painted in different mediums such as oil, pastel, gouache, and ink/pencil. He even dabbled in tile cuttings/stamps and did a head sculpture in clay once.


As time went on, he was commissioned for portraits and held many exhibitions in Australia, and Southern France, where we owned an investment property; a 500-year-old terrace house in Caunes-Minervois. Keith also organised and led art exhibitions to Bali, which became like a second home to him. He knew many Balinese artists and helped some of them establish their own businesses. He was also acquainted with the internationally acclaimed painter Anton.

The paintings in the living and dining area are inspired by Keith’s experiences in Bali and France. The orange painting was his last (unfinished) work before dementia impacted his painting ability.


Sadly, Keith passed away at age 94. David and Lisa hung some of his artworks in their home to honour his memory and talent. They feel that artwork with a story, especially personal ones, brings life to our home. And we can’t agree more!


Next, is the kitchen. Featuring a thick stone bench top upon a kitchen island, a window-side sink and butler’s pantry, this kitchen is any home maker’s dream. We constructed custom floating Blackbutt timber shelves to frame the stovetop hood and cascade up the far wall, providing a handy storage nook.

The butler’s pantry also contains custom shelving for optimal storage and a sizeable sink. In here, pressed metal look tiles add texture to the walls. While the original floorboards blend seamlessly into the extension area flooring. And subway tiles with wavy edges add an element of fun to the space. The sink by the window provides a sun-filled spot with a stunning view to make doing the dishes less tedious.


Now, for perhaps our favourite room: the bathroom! This bathroom is breathtaking. It features a Marquis Cove 1200mm vanity and an above counter basin with a curved wall spout. The encaustic floor tiles complement the satin chrome fixtures and make the timber drawer of the vanity pop.

We built the custom-semi frameless shower screen to suit the existing shower head and mixers. While the mirror cabinet and subway tiles complete the look. The result is a truly coastal bathroom.


There are three bedrooms in total, each with a unique style. The first is a truly Coastal style collection of blue hues and rustic textures. It features VJ panelling on the walls, and a built-in wardrobe with sliding doors. Our favourite and the most satisfying feature of this room is the bedframe and matching side tables that seamlessly blend with the VJ wall panels. The duck décor is a nice touch too!

The second bedroom adds a pop of colour to the classic white Hamptons palette through bright upholstery. It also features VJ wall panelling, a built-in wardrobe, ceiling fan and Hume HAM5 Hampton door profile using Keeler door hardware. This room gets filled with the afternoon sun, so it’s the perfect spot for our clients’ cats to curl up for a nap.

Finally, the master bedroom. This spacious bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe with custom shelving, VJ wall panelling, plantation window shutters and a sliding door that leads out to a balcony.


We particularly love the use of encaustic floor tiles on the balcony to create an authentic Coastal Hamptons style.


Coastal Hamptons living is all about creating a poolside paradise with indoor-outdoor flow. Adding a pool house not only provides you with shade and a swanky area to chill out in, but it adds an extra touch of coastal charm.


We custom designed and built this pool house cabana using woodhouse pre primed timber. It features exposed rafters and Colorbond ultra roofing in surfmist to give it a Hamptons style.


We also crafted two custom sheds, one with Bradnam’s bi-fold door with Colourbond ultra-roofing with exposed timber rafters. The shed was cladded using Colourbond ultra with a show-stopping custom-built door, built by the team at Locspec.


As a finishing touch, we added pergolas. These truly brought the Coastal Hamptons Contemporary fusion together. Each is pergola is custom made with timber and painted using a 3-coat Dulux’s system in Snowy Mountain half.

Hallways and Doors

An often overlooked but important detail in any renovation are door profiles, hardware, and wall style. In this renovation we completely changed the style of the home from miner’s cottage to a Hamptons style through unique and chic VJ wall panels. They add flair to the home and exude the relaxed, beachy attitude of the Hamptons style. While timber fretwork helps give the home that iconic Hamptons look. And Hume Hamptons HAM5 door profiles add the finishing touch. 


Next, we have a quaint and stylish laundry. It features encaustic floor tiles in a stack bond pattern and subway wall tiles laid in a brick bond. We built custom Blackbutt timber floating shelves for this room, including a floating dowel that can be used for storage.


The inset sink and gooseneck mixer add a touch of luxury to the laundry, while custom cabinetry provides ultimate functionality to the space.


The laundry even has a custom pet door installed so that our clients’ beloved furry friends can get in and out of the house with ease. 

Outdoor Entertainment Deck

Our Coastal Hamptons Home boasts a glorious outdoor entertainment deck that’s perfect for entertaining friends and family. We constructed it using Blackbutt timber decking and included the iconic Hamptons cross on the powder coated balustrade to enhance the Coastal Hamptons style of the home.


The deck also features a custom shelf under the bi-fold window, to create a servery.

Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living is an essential component of any Coastal Hamptons style home. In our Coastal Hampton’s Renovation, bi-fold doors open the home completely, for ultimate indoor-outdoor flow.


The bi-fold window by the kitchen sink adds additional indoor-outdoor flow, giving our client’s a spot to peer out onto their grassy oasis on a hot sunny day, or a spot to have a coffee at the outdoor window bar.

Stairs and railings

Finally, we have the various staircases throughout the home. The internal staircase features luxe carpet and custom timber handrails. Pendant lighting frames the edge of the stairway and large windows allow natural light to flood the room.


The shell chandelier is the finishing touch to this modern, Hamptons inspired staircase.


We constructed the entryway staircase using stunning sandstone tiles, and featured timber panelling underneath the powder coated handrails to incorporate the Hamptons style.

Thanks for joining us on a deep-dive into our Coastal Hamptons renovation in Bulli. We thoroughly enjoyed completing this renovation and can’t wait to share more of our projects with you!

Being able to customise your renovation to suit your style is a major advantage of engaging a custom home builder.

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