Our Building Process

If you're thinking of building or renovating, you can get in touch with us as early as you like; there's no need to wait for finalised plans. Once we have your details, we can assist you with planning, relevant applications and providing you with realistic prices, timeframes, and general guidelines.

Five easy steps

Once completing our enquiry form, we will give you a call at an arranged time. This allows us to learn more about your project and what you are looking to achieve. It also allows you an opportunity to ask any questions about us and our work so that you can be confident in your decision to work with Locspec.

If you select to have Locspec as your Building Consultant, Loscpec can assist with design, layout, engineering, surveys, and any other areas your build requires during this pre-construction stage.

As soon as all your plans, drawings and reports are ready, we'll prepare a fully itemised proposal that can form the basis of a fixed price contract. We'll follow up the proposal with a phone call to discuss the scope of works, the costs, the expected construction timeframes and how we can make the process and outcome suit your needs. It is also an opportunity for you to raise any questions - we want this process to be a transparent and enjoyable experience.

Once the proposal is accepted and signed, we can confirm a construction schedule that allows you to plan your life, knowing what stage of the build will occur. We know how hard it can be living in a house that is being renovated. If you choose to remain on the property, we will do everything reasonably possible to ensure that it is as comfortable for you as possible.

Before completion, we will arrange for you to attend a Final Inspection. We will confirm the work that has taken place, and if there are any areas identified as needing attention, we will address this as soon as possible.

You're ready to move in! We will have the build area professionally cleaned and provide you with a handover kit containing all relevant documentation, such as building certification, warranties, maintenance guidelines and any other information that may be relevant in the future.

Ready to start building?